Friday, December 23, 2011


If you've read this blog from the beginning, you know that one of the reasons I vowed to start writing on a daily basis was due to my cousin's wife, Carol.  Whenever I wrote something for my writers group, I'd send it to her to read, and she was enormously supportive.  Her presence among us has been missed greatly this past year, but when I meet up with her again I'll be able to honestly say that I worked hard at this writing thing.

The other reason I have been able to do this the last year is because of Mark.  He is very proud of what I've written, even when he is often cast in an unflattering light.  He has pushed this web address on everyone he knows, and I have picked up steady readers due to him.  One day, I hope to make some money as a writer, but time will tell on that one.  I daily feel guilt about not contributing to the financial obligations around here, and there are many.  When we recently talked about it he said, "You brought home the paycheck while I was in graduate school pursuing my passion.  I'm just doing what you did for me."

Well, I'd kind of forgotten about that.

I'm taking off until the end of the year to hang with my peeps and enjoy the holidays.  Thank you for reading this and passing it along to your friends.  As we head into the new year, I highly recommend moving any of those dreams from the back burner to the front.  Today.

In the meantime, when this guy sings this song.......oh my.  A most Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..............

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