Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Wine-oscopy

You might be interested in knowing that small doses of a chemical used in laxatives has been approved for use in beverages to stabilize and thicken them.

Specifically, this kind of beverage.................

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest


Is it not enough that when you're out having a good time and you don't want to get up to go pee, but you really have to, so you get up and OMG you have to go bad except you have no idea where the bathroom is so you search frantically like a mother who's misplaced her infant, and there's a line, and you can't even make small talk because now it's starting to hurt, and when you finally get into a stall, your pee starter thinks it's a go and starts to come out before you even unzip your Party Pants????

It wasn't enough.

Now a laxative additive has been included in our Wine Slushy, and have these people no mercy for those of us who have pushed out a couple of kids???   Who just by standing for a couple of decades have caused a gravitational pull that can only be reversed with some kind of sling up in Ladyland?

No, they have no mercy and beware the pitfalls of drinking.  DUI, roofies, a hangover and now the possibility of some added weight in your going-out-on-the-town underpants.

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