Wednesday, January 4, 2012


At The Annual Family Bowl, my sister announced that she was hosting Game Night the following evening.  This was a surprise to everyone, including her husband.

When I got there, I decided to spend my time surfing the ipad and getting my internet fix since my mom doesn't have a computer.  The Teacher Girl thought this was unacceptable and told me I couldn't stay at the table unless I was playing.  She has numerous control issues when it comes to board games.  Fine by me, I said, but when I got up to leave there was nowhere to go.   Mom said, "Well, if there's nobody sitting on the toilet you can have that seat." 

By Game #Two I decided to play, and I won't say who, but somebody fell off their chair and that's when things really got fun.  After a few times around the table playing Fact or Crap, Mom asked the Fallee if she had fastened the seatbelt on her chair.

When the idea of Game Night was discussed the night before, The Queen Mum didn't seem all that interested.  Who knew she was out to win and packing some serious swag?

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

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  1. G-dogg was on fire that night! Even with the fact or crap game! But Mom you did fail to mention what you were looking up on the Internet in the first place ;)