Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt or Toad

On Friday night, The Big Daddy and I watched a discussion on C-Span that took place at the University of Chicago between left and right wing talking heads.  Because we're that kind of fun.  It was so intelligent and civilized that we went to sleep hopeful that the problems we face may have solutions that come from all sides.

On Saturday night, The Big Daddy and I decided to brave the chilly temps and go see The Descendants.  As is typical of us, we hung around the house too long and when we attempted to get our tickets had our choice of a dozen seats in the first row.  We declined, came home, got into our jammies, popped some popcorn and turned on the t.v.   The Big Show was this guy........................

Source: via Valli on Pinterest

Who is married to this woman.  For reals this time.

He's King of the World this week, and all memories of that civilized debate from the night before about solving our big, big problems went up in flames faster than a lit cigarette in a parched forest when he got in front of the mike.  And the Mrs. kept clapping and nodding and saying, "That's right."

No, it isn't.


  1. Did it remind you of the Checker's speech by Nixon?
    Mrs. Nixon sitting in an armchair, with a vacant dazed look about her, as she supported her husband or was she hillbilly Sadie backing up her man?
    Ahhh! 2012--what will happen? Stay tuned Bat-o- phile!

  2. As a liberal, I guess I'm supposed to be OK with Newt's propensity for swinging sexcapades. I proudly admit to being open to new ideas, peace, love and understanding--in effect, a modern-day hippie--but I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would want to sleep with him...or why his wife would care.