Monday, January 9, 2012

An Offer

Last week I got a letter from a psychiatrist.  I know.  How did he know I needed a couple of sessions???  I ripped open the envelope and here's the short version of what it said..............

In May I wrote a letter to the editor of the paper that got published.  It was critical of some new policies enacted by our state legislature and governor.  This doctor had read the letter and suggested I consider becoming a precinct captain for the Democratic Party in my area since the party is lacking one for the 2012 election.

There's a couple of things wrong here.  First, I had no idea what letter he was talking about and had to search the archives of the paper to even read what I wrote.  Second, there are actually people who read a letter, note where it's from, and then reference it seven months later in order to fill a volunteer position for a political party.  Third, there are about twenty Democrats in my entire precinct and I know all of them.  Lastly............

........some folks just don't take kindly to you knocking on their door and wondering who they might be voting for on Election Day.

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  1. I'd be flattered... and I'd be encouraged... and I'd feel more optimistic about people and the world around me (especially immediately around me), knowing that people do pay attention, do devote their time to and do supply their hopes and ideas with realistic action. I imagine you might feel the same... and, either way: congratulations! I also understand your reservations! Hahahaha! (great picture!)