Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Soaps

Like most women of her generation, my mom was a homemaker.  With six kids in one very small house, she had her work cut out for her.  My dad worked for the Edison Company in Chicago, and went to work every day in a suit, white shirt and tie.  All of us kids went to Catholic grade school.  Every memory of my mom from that time involves an ironing board, dozens of white shirts in varying sizes, and the soap operas.

She was a CBS gal.........As The World Turns, Guiding Light, Search For Tomorrow.  They were always ending as we got home from school so we saw the dramatic conclusion every day.  When The Young and The Restless debuted, she said we had to support it because it was produced by Bill Bell.  He was married to Lee Phillips who was the noon news personality, and mom always liked her.

To this day, she still records and watches her soaps, even though they're on the endangered list.  When we were there last month, she asked Mallie Bee if she'd like to watch The Bold and the Beautiful.  Mal was game, and when Ridge Forrester delivered his bad-ass lines Mom said, "One time somebody told this guy he could act and he was dumb enough to believe them."

After fifty years she would know.

Source: cbs.com via Michael on Pinterest


  1. Really love this blog.Did your Mom watch Love of Life?

    1. Oh Becca...........YES!!!!! I totally forgot that one. You should be my assistant.