Sunday, January 29, 2012

Truth or Fiction

Our local grocery store has a card that offers a gas discount based on how much you spend.  Before the end of the year, I had accumulated enough points to get fifty cents off a tank of gas.  Yeehaw.  Except I couldn't find it, and that was the second one I lost.  I tore the car apart and dug in every coat pocket with no luck.  In January, my points were reset and now I have thirty-five cents off a fill-up.  Come to Mama, oh missing gas discount card.

It is making me crazy.

I was telling Mallie Bee about this for the hundredth time and she was like, "Too bad, so sad."  Nice display of empathy, little one.  That's when things went downhill, as she accused me of never being sympathetic when she can't find something.  This is true, but she misplaces something every single day.  We argued about this for awhile and then I told her this...........

Remember the time you called me at work because you lost a textbook?  Remember that you were so upset you started crying?  I told you that it had to be in the house somewhere, for you are the child who misplaces everything, but not the child who loses everything.  I told you to calm down, make yourself a bowl of ice cream, forget about it for awhile and when I got home I'd help you look for it.  I was as cool as a cucumber and may have called you "honey" a few times  Remember that?

She had no recollection of that incident.  None.  My bright, shining moment when I was not screaming at her for being irresponsible and she had no idea what I was talking about.

I might have been tripping down The Mother Memory Lane with the wrong kid.

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