Monday, January 16, 2012

What To Say

Last week was a year since my cousin's wife, Carol, died.  At the wedding we went to last week, I spoke with Rhonda's cousin who's daughter died last spring.  And if you read this blog..........'ll be crying several times a week.  This was probably the saddest Christmas season I can recall since my own dad died.  Too many people on my mind, too many stories of loss, too many people walking the lonely road of grief.  And just what can one do for someone in that situation?

Please tell me if there is an alternative to saying, "I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers."  For God's sake, Ann Curry says it practically daily on the Today Show.  It's right up there with "Have a nice day" as far as casually dropped and shallow in meaning statements.

But in the face of overwhelming grief for people we care about, what else of value do we have to offer?

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  1. There is really not much anyone can say at the time. When my mom died, the greatest gift and blessing I received was when everyone was gone my best friend came over and we cleaned my house.

    She would come over every week or so and either just sit and watch TV with me; or sit and let me talk while I folded laundry or whatever. That was the best thing.