Sunday, February 12, 2012


I have always been writing ahead on this blog, so I keep my reserves up.  This weekend was not a writing weekend.  I don't know what it was except that I've had a screaming sinus headache for two days.  They're remodeling my fave Target store, and even with said headache, I went to look at the uber-cute shoes that were in their ad.  Which I could not find anywhere.  It took me ten minutes just to find the shoe department and after all that, the shoes weren't there, along with any employees in red to help the "guests."  Half the stuff on my list I couldn't find, and that Jason Wu stuff?  Forgetaboutit.  Picked over like crows on a carcass.

So I've got nothing to offer.  Not even cute shoes.  Just a date with a bottle of Nyquil.

But...........this weekend I passed the 15,000 mark on hits to A Speckled Trout.  (For a perspective, Pinterest gets 11,000,000 a week.)  Anyhow, somebody's feeling like a winner, and when that moonshine kicks in, I'm gonna pass out for the night then rise like Jesus on Easter morn, gel my mullet, iron my tie-dye and write with a purpose. 

I quite possibly could have the skills to win a major award. 

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