Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today on the news here in Kansas City, was a story about a family that paid off all their credit card bills and saved $89,000.00 in one year.  WHAT??????   I wanted to see what that was all about.  The mom told the reporter that she has learned how little she needs to be happy, and that her and her husband and their six kids have found dozens of ways to save money.  Their biggest tip?  They no longer use toilet paper.  They cut up old tshirts to wipe their butts, and did you know that 99.9% of bacteria is killed in a washing machine?  I did not.  There next to the toilet was a basket of "wipes", and Ace Reporter never asked where the used ones go until it's laundry day.

This is when it's helpful in life to have a sister, because a sister would be over to your house in a hellfire hurry to tell you that your budget busting ways may get you some face time on the local news, but you have crossed the line to bat shit crazy.  Then she'd tell you to crack open the safe and go buy some candles cuz your crib smelled like a zoo.


  1. And I thought it was stupid when a friend made her family switch to one-ply unquilted "card stock" because it had 5x more on the roll! Obviously, I'd rather have two-ply, sewer-friendly comfort than $89,000+...what a princess I am! :)

  2. She must have 6 sons.
    do they wash their own butt wipes? Or is that Mom's job?
    Daddy better be buying me a diamond or Lexus to put up with that crap.

  3. Nuh uh, no way in heck is that happening at my house. I may not buy the most 'spensive butt wipe, but I'll not be using reusable butt wipe!

    That's just nasty.