Monday, February 6, 2012

Checking The Mood

This post was written last week.

Funny, cute. 

Had a picture.

Went to post it and the screen was completely blank.

How did I delete this?  I have no idea.

I cussed.

I will rewrite it and try again tomorrow.  I can't remember anything.  How am I going to remember what I wrote three days ago?

Shit.  Cuz I can't stop cussing when I'm an idiot.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like it would fit into my DAY. Woke late, tripped over S/O's work boots. I think I may have broke my little toe. Hopped in shower, jumped back out ... no hot water. :( Got back in frigid shower and washed quickly, got ready and headed into work. Stopped for gas, opened door into metal pole scraping car door.

    Made it to work, dropped papers, misfiled etc. Decided I deserved a soda with lunch. 30 minutes later spilt watered down soda all over my feet and into my purse.


    I think perhaps I need to go home, to bed and put myself out of my misery.