Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Time

There's been a whole lot of splits in Tinseltown in the last year.  Let's see, there was...............

Arnold & Marie
JLo & Mark
Heidi & Seal
Demi & Ashton
Eva & Tony
David & Tea
Russell & Katy
David & Courtney
Sean & Robin
Jesse & Sandra
Camille & Kelsey

To name a few.  At some point or another, every one of those spouses has been asked in an interview how they've managed to stay happily married, and whatever wisdom they imparted had the potential of being on the cover of People magazine.  As if they can figure it out any more than the rest of us.

In this morning's paper, there was an obituary for a man named Nathaniel who was described as having a successful antique business, was genuine, sincere, funny, wise, and who transcended social and economic barriers.  He lived by the belief that "everyone's life journey was a quest for self-improvement."  He is survived by his mother, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews.

Also surviving was his partner of 43 years, Donald, and that's where I found sanctity.