Monday, February 20, 2012

A Trip To The Mall

I spent part of my Sunday at the mall. Ugh.  I had bought a pair of pants at a store that had a limited selection in my size, so I decided to see if the store at the mall had the color I wanted so I could exchange them.  Success.

When I got to the counter, I told THE SALESGIRL WHO ACTED LIKE SHE WAS HOOKED UP TO A FEEDING TUBE OF RED BULL that I needed to return a pair of pants and exchange a pair of pants.  

"No problem whatsoever," she said.  

"Do you know that our pants are buy one get one free?"  I do.  

"Our jewelry is buy one get one 50% off."  That's nice.  

"Oh, the buy one get one free pants deal does not include the yoga pants.  Did I already say that?"  No.  

"I don't know if you get our emails, but we're featuring a coupon through tomorrow.  Did you want to use one?"   Just taking care of my pants.

"No problem whatsoever.  Let me take care of that for you." 

Oh, these pants aren't an even exchange so I have to ring them up differently.  It will take an extra minute here."  And then she returned some jewelry off the ticket instead of the pants.  And she had to call the supervisor to fix the problem.  And she was wearing on my last nerve.

When the transaction was finished, I owed $.20.  "There's a different tax rate where you bought those which is why you owe twenty cents."  No problem whatsoever..

"I have some advice for you.  Next time, return the pants to the store where you bought them and then come here to get the size you need and it will save you that twenty cents."  

WTF is what my face said, and my mouth might have joined in.

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