Monday, February 13, 2012

You're Killing Me, Smalls

In the last year, we've all had to get accustomed to undersized everything.  Boxes of cereal and crackers that look the same on the outside, but are only half full on the inside.  Bags of chips that are bags of air.  Ice cream cartons that you can polish off in a night.  Big bags of dog food with less in it, coffee in NEW packaging that is nothing but a smaller can.

Though I don't like any of the above, and the clever manufacturing that is supposed to make us believe we're getting the same product, what really YANKS MY CHAIN is the size of a roll of toilet paper.  Those things are so puny we're going through them faster than the Edy's.  They don't make small rolls of toilet paper any more because the small is now called a LARGE, and it is anything BUTT.   I couldn't resist.  I usually buy the mega rolls, which is really a large, but a family size pack of those can run you well over $10.00.  For toilet paper???  Really?

Day by day, grocery run by grocery run, we're getting taken by The Man.  And who the heck would allow this fancy shmancy business to be done on a roll of toilet paper, thus wasting precious squares?  Not in my crib with new rules regarding excessive use of toilet paper.

Austerity's a bitch.........just ask Greece.

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  1. As Eilaine Benese would say...I haven't a square to spare. Not even the Two ply.