Monday, March 5, 2012

Hats & Babies

Fifty five years ago today, I made my entrance......which BLOWS MY MIND because it hardly feels like I'm that old.  Oh, but I am. 

The Big Daddy and the kids had a celebration here on Sunday.  There I was standing at the kitchen counter clipping the Sunday coupons that I never use, and in comes The Boy Child from the university to surprise me with a day visit.  And that turned my mood right side up.

The story my parents related to me of my birth day goes like this............My dad took the train to work.  He got to work, hung up his hat and was about to take off his coat when the secretary said, "Not so fast.  Gerry called and she's in labor so you need to get home."  He turned around and went back to the station he'd just come from, and waited for a train that would take all morning to get him back home. 

These are my dad's hats which hang in my house.  Sitting beside him on the seat of the train that day, the felt Stetson was the keeper of his worries while he made his way home to his wife, and the new baby that was on her way.

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