Monday, March 19, 2012

The Mexican Diaries: The Common Denominator

Our first full day in Mexico, we went to an organic market.  Over the bridge, through the desert, past some livestock working their cowbells and along some bumpy terrain, we arrived.

We wandered past food cooking on a grill that smelled so good it stopped us in our tracks, as well as fruits, veggies, flowers, a dog adoption booth, handmade knit sweaters, homemade English muffins, jewelry, painters, rug weavers..........

We stopped at a table where an artist sold milagros and little altars that were incredible.  He described the process of making them, and the passion he had for his wares jumped into the air and bounced everywhere.   He had a story about everything he sold and said, "In order to be protected by the Holy Spirit you must believe."   He looked me straight in the eye when I handed him my cash and asked, "Do you believe?"  

I think the flame of the Holy Spirit finds a home in the soul of those who create.  How could I not believe when I'd just come face to face with him?

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