Monday, March 26, 2012

Senior Tuesday

This is my favorite thrift store.  I frequent it often and have found some amazing things there.  Vintage picnic basket $4.99.  Camel hair coat $7.99.  Mad Men inspired cocktail shaker $3.99.  Silk black dress $12.99.

If you bring a donation, you get a 20% discount.  I can always find something to get rid of.  Like the cats.  Sometimes, though it's a little tough to come up with anything.

I have found out that at the age of 55 one qualifies for a 25% senior discount every Tuesday.  I don't think I look 55.  I usually don't feel 55.  The idea of saying that I'd like the senior discount is disturbing to me, but.........

I've always been a whore for a few bucks off.

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