Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friends In All The Right Places

Long before I started doing this vintage/repurposing thing as a business, people would tell me about a cool piece of furniture on some curb that they thought I might like.  How did they know this?  Well, my driveway is a dead giveaway of somebody who can't help herself from cleaning, sanding, staining and painting the trash of others.

Now that I am doing it for money, the calls for potential goods have become more frequent.  If a dumpster moves in where one of my peeps lives, they will keep an eye on it to let me know whether it's dive-worthy.

Last fall, my friend Karen called and left a message.  A little excited and out-of-breath.  "You have to get over here.  There's a great piece on the curb across the street.  Don't wait.  Hurry."  I was in the shower and when I called her back she said she'd watch it until I got there.

When I arrived she had already dragged it over to her driveway in fear of someone else taking it.  It was a filthy, ugly fabric, rusty nailhead, sad, little wicker piece.  I will say that she had more faith in me than I did in myself because I loaded it into my car as more of a courtesy for all her effort than actual excitement.

It sat in the garage for six months and when I pulled it out last month I noticed the springs were hand-tied which nobody does anymore.  On the back was a metal plate that said Heywood Wakefield, and The Queen Mum who will never understand this trash hauling of her daughter, said I got a keeper.

This is what happens when you have a picker, some stain, a new seat, fabric, pillows, a lot of time and a crazy, unexplainable crush on all things old...................


  1. That is adorable!! Is it on the back porch?

  2. I knew you could do it...perfect! :)