Monday, April 2, 2012

Giving It Up

We had our first burgers of the season this weekend and since it was so hot we sat on the porch to eat.  When we were done, Mallie Bee came out with a box of popsicles and passed them around.  When she got to The Big Daddy he declined as HE HAS GIVEN UP ALL SWEETS FOR LENT.  Really?  I hadn't heard.  Only one more week left, he said.

Ummmm, what about that piece of cake you had last nite?  That was complimentary he said.  Yes, it was free, I said.  No, no, no, I mean it was a birthday.  It would have been rude to turn it down.  And the piece of cake you had the week before?  Another birthday, he said.

Oh Big Daddy, come, come..........have a seat at the table for sinners.  Why there's plenty of company.

I got here early.

Day #4 to be exact.

A personal best.


  1. hahaha! i gave up sweets for lent and now am dreaming of reese's easter eggs and maybe a bunny to.

  2. Have you noticed that the candy has stayed around a little longer, the ice cream bucket is pushed to the back and is developing ICE crystals on it..( I know I looked), the steady decline of all sweets in the house has ebbed a bit and jelly beans/starbursts trays remain virtually untouched????... So I had a fricking piece of birthday cake for someone who has turned 60.. it only happens once in his lifetime and by God, we celebratin....Don't let them kid you...Man-made rules are subject to revision.

  3. February 2012 was my worst month ever (and not just because I turned 54), so we were at least a week into Lent before I realized I had, indeed, missed Ash Wednesday and declaring what I'd give up for 40 days. We Episcopalians--"half-caff Catholics"--like to partake in this tradition, too! In a panic, I thought back over the past week or so to figure out what I had NOT already reveled in... Coffee? No, been up and running (and need to function at some capacity for the next month+)... Chips? Oops!... Chocolate? Dang!... Alcohol? Bwahahaha... Oh yes! Pop!... I hadn't had any pop because I gave it up two or three years ago for health reasons! So I've made it through with flying colors! Eased my guilt? Going to Hell in a handbasket? Done and done! :)