Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Planting Day

This is my windowbox.  We paid a whole lot of $$$$$ for this piece of crap.  It came with a lifetime warranty.  Sure it did. 
We babied it last year and made it work, but this year the entire top was rotting and it no workie.  I went to Lowe's and geez as in Louise, they put something in the garden department and jack up the price like we're all crazy enough to pull out our Visa.  So I roamed the home improvement store looking for an alternative.

I ended up getting some hanging willow baskets for $7.00, but with the weight of the flowers that hanger thing would break in no time.  And join the above-mentioned piece o' crap.

Thinking, thinking.

I came home and went to my project pile and found two boards to put on the brackets.  I picked these up from a pile behind Mallie Bee's dance studio.  She was mortified.  They were there forever which means nobody needed them.  Then I had them here forever which means..........nothing.

It needed some Purse-O-Nality so I added the white border fence that I picked up from the curb.  I've got a stack of those I haven't used but can't throw them away.  Me and patina..........we go steady.

Then I stuck a chipped up gold frame in there because you must add a little class to a little junk.  This calls for a party.  With candles on my shelf.
First, I've got to paint that not painted shingleAnd then the whole house.  That thing hanging on the corner is a piece of metal that was a dollar.  Nobody knew what it was.  Me either but I bought it and stuck it there.

I love metal.  Don't tell patina.

..........and when I get to be creative and plant, I feel planted.


  1. Apparently the brother cats also think it is a piece of crap since they already took a dump in it...

  2. if you put a picture of Mary in the gold frame, you will have a lovely shrine. Or maybe a picture of the infant Christ. Either way, it is all very beautiful.