Monday, April 23, 2012

Raising The Barre

I was taking Mallie Bee to dance and she was telling me there's been some crack-a-lackin going on at ballet.  Her teachers are a husband and wife team who were professional ballet dancers, and they do not suffer slackers.  You'd better pay attention and work harder than you've ever worked in their classes or you will not survive.  While she was giving me the deets, I made some lame joke that I thought was hilariously funny.

This is what you do, Mom.  You crack YOURSELF up and nobody else, she said.  Do you just laugh all day at your own jokes?

Sometimes.  Which at that moment seemed loserish.

Part of the attire requirements for the girls is to have a red ribbon tied around their perfect little bun.  In these highly disciplined days of late, if you show up for class without the ribbon in your hair you'll have to sit out.

Oh, that's ridiculous. 

I know, Mallie Bee said, but they mean it. 

I dropped her off and told her to hang in there and tell 'em I said NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER.

Which I thought was hilariously funny.

For the rest of the night and part of the following day.


  1. we can't help that we are hilarious people..

  2. I keep telling my kids I'm going to start doing stand-up, ala Roseanne, just to show them I'm not the only one who finds me funny! Even saying that cracks me up--they just roll their eyes. :)