Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Widow Maker

I had a job interview yesterday and it wasn't awful.  It was a sales job for a new store opening in Kansas City that sells clothing, furniture and skin-care products.  Since I'm fond of all three of those things and can write stories in my head while I steam clothes, I filled out an online application, completely forgot about it and then got a call for an interview.

It has been awhile since I've gone on one of those and I told The Big Daddy that I was kind of nervous about it.  He told me to "be myself".  Therein lies the problem.

I met with the co-managers and was mindful of my chattiness which almost always leads down the road to Flakeville.  They did not have my application in front of them so they asked for a rundown of my retail experience.  Clothing chain for petites...closed.  Parent company of said clothing chain....closed.  Lighting shop...closed.  Funky, hippie clothing store...closed.

Wow, they said, you sure have worked for a lot of places that have gone out of business.

For fear of driving a nail into this interview coffin or scaring them off, I did not share the name bestowed upon me many years ago by The Big Daddy.

The Black Widow Of Retail.

Source: via Jeanne on Pinterest

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