Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Clinky Counter

I am one of those people that strangers talk to.  Pour out their heart.  Lay it all down.  I have no idea why but it happens all the time.

I went to the Macy's counter to find out about something called Beauty Balm.  Cuz I'm such a girl and love skin products.  In the midst of helping me, my salesperson got a phone call of the personal nature.

When she hung up, I learned that it was her brother who was on the phone and he was having a bad day.  He's an alcoholic with some drug abuse sprinkled on top.  He hurt himself on the job - a cut on the forearm that went clear to the bone.   He has not been taking his antibiotics.  His daughter won't speak to him until he stops drinking and didn't invite him to her graduation.  He didn't have to sit with the family but she should have invited him don't you think?  It has made him more depressed.  If he doesn't take his antibiotics he will get an infection and might never work again.  Her parents died in the last year.  Five months apart.  The house they were living in got foreclosed because the brother didn't make the payments.  They had nine days to clear the house.  Her sister came to live with her and then her car got repossessed.  She often walks to work if her sister needs to borrow her car.  Her puppy died unexpectedly. 

The Beauty Balm in my shade was not in stock but I got a free sample from the tester.

Sort of.
Source: via Teresa on Pinterest

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