Thursday, May 17, 2012

Curbing Your Dog

In the twelve years Henry and I have been cruising the hood, he was never one to poop on a walk.  He preferred his own backyard, and while I always carried a bag I rarely had to use it.

That changed about a year ago when he decided it wasn't a bad idea to use a public space for that purpose and would sometimes go twice.  Thanks.  While I see people swinging their bag of crap all the way home, I like to clean it up and get rid of it.  Fast.  Pronto.

In my effort to use less plastic bags, I am often searching for a bag to take along with me.  As a last result, I will use the bag the newspaper comes in.  Not only our are daily papers too thin these days, the bags they come in are even thinner making them a poor choice for scooping poop.

On Henry's 2nd movement of a twenty minute walk on a lovely spring morning, I only had a newspaper bag left to do the deed.  I strategically rolled it down my arm so I could get this job over fast.  I picked up the poop and it felt right out of the oven which I guess it was.

That's when I discovered there was a hole in the bottom of the bag and I was clutching a pile of shit in my bare hand.

I screamed.  I freaked.  I wiped my hand ten times on the grass.  I cut the neighborhood stroll short and went home to take a long, hot shower.   When that was over and I had taken some deep, relaxing breaths, the rest of the day went much better.

Bare-handed shit picking up.  My new barometer.

Source: via Joe on Pinterest


  1. You are a pioneer woman for sure......

  2. When the bread bags are empty, repurpose them for poop sacks. You kill two birds, you have a proper bag to sack crap and you have done your recycling duties.
    You will never find a bereaed bag with a hole in it.

  3. I have been there when no amount of dish soap makes your hand feel Giardia-free again. Crap swinging always strikes me as wrong too. Maybe we should carry gloves and a cute inconspicuous poop tin to toss it in? There's a commercial in there somewhere.