Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How To Handle Stress

This may or may not have happened to me in the last 24 hours.......................

Had three adult children, two dogs and two cats in the house all afternoon after an awful night's sleep.  Locked myself in the bedroom just so they would leave me alone.  They did not.

Have run a one-person shuttle service with multiple trips here and there every day.

Nearly lost it at the local hardware store because they don't give a shit about shit.

Painted half the staircase.  Left the other half unpainted for traffic.  Had a cat run up the painted side AS I WAS PAINTING IT and chased him under the bed.  Dropped the ef bomb about twenty times then laughed hysterically on the floor of the living room for twenty minutes.  Crazy, scary, irrational laughing.

Have no recollection of brushing my teeth today.  Did I?

Went to pay some bills.  Checking account is a complete cluster and hemorrhaging money.

Ate the entire day, including frosting out of the can every time I opened the fridge and a couple more spoonfuls before bed.

Am hoping this is the cure but skipping the candles due to mildew.

1 comment:

  1. Woah..... You had a calm exterior when I came home. It is insane when things are chaos and up in the air. I deal with crazy Med center stuff everyday but I can't let it get to me... or else I will go mad...which may be why I don't clean my office.. nor does my friend at Yale... could be a Nobel laureate this year...

    So embrace the chaos... at least you aren't staying are dynamic...moving....enjoy?? Thanks what I hear from my colleagues at work. Course they are all crazy because they are also in that Chaos whirlpool.