Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just 10

We are five weeks away from The Big Wedding.  Many things are starting to move at a faster, more frenzied pace.

But not everything.

In January, after The Big Daddy and I had feasted at the table of Holiday Munchies and Spirits for a solid month, we had a Come To Jesus about getting in shape for this wedding.  It would be the perfect occasion to get our act together with family and friends coming from all over to celebrate with us.

It's not going so well.

Every Sunday night I have a conversation about starting the week with a longer walk at a faster pace and better food decisions.  Eight hours later I'm nursing my coffee and looking for a reason not to walk.

The Big Daddy is better than me about exercise with his bike riding.  This week, he was going to ramp things up with an early wake-up twice a week to do a hard ride before he goes to work.  Day One had him bagging the idea and sleeping in another hour.

Slack is the glue in this marriage.

If we don't get our asses in gear, we'll need to RSVP for two more, what with the extra 10# and the gobbler that used to be our neck.

It could get us another helping, though.

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