Monday, May 7, 2012

Shopping For Snakes

This is me and my sister back in The Wonder Years.  We were girly girls trying to survive in a house with three older brothers.

It was some kind of work.

I liked to dress up.  I'd put my fake stole on, get my pocketbook and plastic high heels and go to the market.....which meant I'd clomp around the house gathering cans of food.  One summer morning, I decided to clomp around outside and that is when I had an up close and personal encounter with a snake.

I went running in the house, losing one of my plastic high heels in the process and screaming SNAKESNAKESNAKESNAKEYOUGUYSASNAKE!!!!!!

This is what The Brothers lived for.

They went tearing out the door to find it and when they did one of the boys said, "'s just a garter snake.  It's not gonna hurt you."

The Queen Mum came out to have a look.  The boys had plans for that snake and picked it up with a stick to do God Knows What.  Mom gave them a look and said, "Put that gull damn snake down and go find something better to do."

A snake is a scary thing to come across when you're six years old and out shopping the backyard for some root vegetables to feed your pretend family.  Not near as threatening, though, as a mom in the heat of summer who wasn't about to let her little hellions spend the rest of the day making snake stew.


I wrote this story two weeks ago and had technical issues getting the picture included with the story.  Drrrrrrr...........  I became obsessed with getting it posted so I was constantly thinking about it.  This is what I saw a few days ago on the way to the park.  

I kid you not. 

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