Monday, June 18, 2012

The Clinky Counter: Part Deux

Last week, I returned to the Clinky counter at my local Macy's for a pre-wedding makeover.  I have not done one of those in twenty years.  That time I charged about $200.00 worth of products even though I was flat broke, and all these years later, it still gives me an anxiety attack.  Or maybe it's a payment due attack.

However, I needed an update and if I'm going to spend time on anything for myself that morning, I decided it would be make-up.  For the hair is forever and always a crap shoot.  You may remember that my consultant had some family issues when last we spoke, but she was all business when it came to making me over. 

After awhile, Anthony from Lancome wandered over.  I love him.  Everyone loves him.  He is The Makeup Whisperer.  If he tells you something will look good on you, you can take it to the bank.  If Lancome weren't so Cha-Cha-Ching, and I didn't have issues (like losing all effing sense at the makeup counter) I would have had him do my makeup.

Anthony told me he was going back to the small town he grew up in for a wedding.  He had not seen either of his two brothers in more than twenty years.  His older brother started drinking when he was eleven and was as mean as they come.  In an effort to man up his younger brother, he beat him.  Daily.  Anthony was scared of him then and all these years later, he was still scared.

I sat on my big chair and listened to his story and then said, "Anthony, you are great at your job and everybody loves you.  You go to that wedding with your head up because you are a successful person in every sense and I doubt your brother even comes close."

When I finished doling out my wisdom, The Clinky Lady, who was carefully lining my lips said, "I'm his date.  I'll kick his brother's ass if he so much as looks at him."

That could work.

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