Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Comment

On occasion, the kids will remark about something I wrote.  A passing "I liked it" or in Mallie Bee's case "Stop writing everything I say."  Point taken.  They never discuss it any more than that and sheesh, kids, how 'bout you throw your mom a bone once in awhile?   You know, because I gave you that little gift way back when.  What was it again?  Oh yeah, it was your life. 

With the wedding two weeks away, The Teacher Girl and I are spending all kinds of time together.  We went out for lunch the other day and I said, "Have you read my blog lately?"  To which she replied, "I read it every day."  Well, nobody ever comments I said.  I mean, really, a comment once in awhile ESPECIALLY FROM MY CHILDREN would be nice.  What am I supposed to say, she wanted to know.  Oh, I don't know, something OMG my mom's a great writer

The Teacher Girl wasn't interested.  She's got to get to the church on time.

Today there was this...................

Hey, Mom.................I read it ;)

Me who gave the gift of life got a wrapped box of smartass in return.


  1. Hey, does it count that I read her comment and thought, "Aha! She's up to something?" Boom!, as one of my kids says, instead of saying, Good job, Mom!

  2. It is too easy to hit the LIKE button on facebook than to enter into the comment world. I heard that Facebook and Wikapedia will make Human memory obsolete? I hope not...especially when the power goes out.

  3. there is some saying about an apple...and a tree...

  4. This actually was pretty entertaining! I literally 'lol'ed till I 'rofl.' Big time 'BL'ing. 4Realz


    Maggie ;)