Thursday, June 21, 2012

Done And Done

There's nothing like having a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE AT YOUR HOUSE to light a fire under you to accomplish something instead of just yakking about it.  For instance..........................

Ripping the gross carpet off the stairs and painting them.   Cream w/a faux runner up the middle.  The green paint is called Granny Smith.  It is my favorite apple which is why I picked it. 

When those were finished, I came across this turquoise tin ceiling panel for $22.00.  Yep.

I finally got around to repainting the front door.  The red wasn't doing it any more.  Or ever.

I have had plans for this project for years and it was in Martha Stewart's magazine this month.  Why does she keep copying me?  I have/or have had friends collect sand for me wherever they've been.  This is my collection, bottled and labeled.  Even though there's no beach in the forecast for us this summer (or for many more years until the last tuition payment is made), I get to look at sand every single day.

The clock is fixed and not near the couch so Turd One and Turd Two can't get close and bat at the hands with their naughty paws.

Ready or not, here comes a wedding, and Mallie Bee knows what one of her cats is going to wear.


  1. Every pic that is posted I took yesterday with my
    camera phone. I always knew I had good taste !
    Love - Love - Love your Home.
    Judy : )