Monday, June 18, 2012

Going To The Chapel

I am not a crier.  This has a lot to do with The Queen Mum being as strong as they come and having three older brothers.  If you were to cry in front of them growing up it would have been like wading into a school of sharks when your period started.   

That's not to say that I'm not emotional because I am.  I just don't cry like a girl very often.

This weekend when we were at church, I let my mind wander to this wedding that is days away.  I saw Maggie and her dad walking down the aisle.  I saw Nathan waiting at the altar for her.  I saw my mom and Mark's mom next to us, and Nate's parents on the other side of the aisle.  I saw my kids and Joe and Lynn's kids standing beside their sibling.  I saw my sisters who have helped me enormously and my brothers who ended up being my biggest cheerleaders.  I saw friends who listened to my worries and my dreams about this girl of ours, and neighbors who ran from every direction when ambulances were screaming down the road because she had been knocked unconscious in the creek.

I also saw this church that welcomed me many years ago when I had one foot out the door of this faith, with the second close behind..

It was worth a good cry.


  1. Don't forget the mom that helped shape the bride into the very special woman she is today!

  2. I stumbled over here from an inch of gray. I love your writing style. keep the faith you are making waves I promise!
    I think you are so witty and bright and incredibly eloquent.
    i have read all of your comments over at Anna's blog, and I always have made a mental note to come visit.
    You got me with the Forever 21 comment lol. I sometimes wonder what I would be wearing if it weren't for my beautiful daughter Pascale and her raised eyebrows. We love to saunter through F21 and feel "cool".

  3. Oh, Anonymous, when I write in my little room staring at the wall for inspiration, I wonder constantly if this blog is a good idea or bad experiment. Thank you for your thoughts. You put the pep back in my step today.