Thursday, June 7, 2012

News From Around The World

I stopped watching morning news when the birther thoughts of this buffoon became newsworthy.

Gradually, I have stopped watching many news programs because the stupidity is epidemic.  However, I have always been an avid newspaper reader, and so I get most of my information from the printed pages or online news sites.

There seems to be a surge of people or parts of people getting eaten lately.

How disturbing.

Tucked into those stories was a little blurb about Amelia Earhart.  An empty jar of freckle cream was found on an island from which her plane was believed to have crashed, which has renewed interest in solving the mystery of her disappearance.

There was no love lost between her and her freckles and she carried the cream with her wherever she went.  Investigators are certain that it belonged to her given the age and origin of the jar.  Seventy five years later, this gutsy woman pilot who laid the groundwork for all woman to decide for themselves how big they could dream is still a source of admiration.

It would seem that in this toxic, political year where women are reminded daily that men know what is best for them, the spirit of Amelia Earhart has risen up and declared, "Over my dead body."

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