Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Beautiful Mind.......The Verdict

I'm here to tell you that you can score 50% on an interview math quiz and still be considered for employment.  Not only considered, but dated.  A few days after my interview, I got asked to come into the office to see if we were marriage material.

It might have been one-sided as they were a little more in love than me.  They were nice people.  Really, really nice people, but the job seemed so boring I wondered if it came with cyanide pills for when you couldn't take another minute of entering insurance authorization codes.

I couldn't pull the trigger.

I was telling Mallie Bee about it on the way home from driving school and she said, "So, it was one of those soul-sucking jobs?"

Yes..........that's the perfect way to describe it.

"Yeah, Mom, I can't see you doing something like that."

I would be miserable eight hours a day.

"Well, it's too bad because the pay was so decent."

I know.  While my soul was being sucked my bank balance would go up.

"You could buy a lot of shoes with that kind of a paycheck.  That might make your soul suck less."

I will miss driving Miss Daisy.  Immensely.

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  1. How many people in this world have soul-sucking jobs...?? I googled in and came up with a Forbes article... get this.... 70%!! Whoa... lots of pissed off people out there...or it could be just Americans... wonder what the Europeans think of that??