Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting Orientated

Mallie Bee and I went to orientation bright and early Friday morning.  It was an all day affair with sessions for parents, sessions for students, sessions for both.  It was information overload, but most of our questions were answered and she is ready for her new adventure.

The third time's a charm without any of the anxiety of a first-timer as I told a teary-eyed mom who looked just like me seven years ago.  You're going to be o.k.  She's going to be o.k.  I promise.  This is what we have to do.  Let them go.  Watch them fly.

Sitting at a table near us after lunch was a girl majoring in Slut 101.  The only thing the top of her sundress covered were her nipples leaving nothing to the imagination and she had "easy" written all over her.

Prior to leaving the room, her mother suggested she clean up her lunch remains.  The new coed let out a heavy, dramatic sigh with the obligatory eye roll, ignored her mom and walked away.  Isn't cleaning up after themselves the sort of thing you instill in your kid when they're three and not an adult? 

Thankfully, the majority of these kids will fly into a bright future with interests that make their heart skip a beat, but you can already predict that the wings of others will be burdened by their own garbage.

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