Monday, July 30, 2012

Living The Dream

The Boy Child has not exactly had the summer he planned.  Last year he went to London and that put him on a high for months to follow.

This year he was hoping to get an internship but those were mighty hard to come by, and so for the fifth summer in a row he was back at the bagel shop.  It is one thing to go back after you've had an awesome overseas adventure, it's another when it's your only option.  Most days he's there before the sun comes up  to wait on customers, put bagels in the oven, wash dishes and mop the floors for an eight hour shift.

The other day, a guy came in and said, "HEY YOU GUYS!!!  HOW'S IT GOIN?  WORKING HARD?  LIVING THE DREAM???

When you are wearing a ball cap and tshirt that says, "Ask me about the poppers", and standing all day smelling like bagels, you are not living the dream.   That is impossible at $7.50 an hour.  They got his bagels and and when he couldn't decide on a drink he said, "HEY YOU GUYS???  WHAT GETS YOU GOING IN THE MORNING???"  Vodka and cigarettes.

For the 2nd time in a few short minutes they looked at him like the gigantic ass that he was, and as much as this summer has sucked, at least The A.M. Bagel Crew doesn't have to go through life in that guy's skin.

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  1. Ahhhhhh...takes me back to those summer jobs I had in school. If grownups only knew how we look to these young kids that early in the morning....