Monday, July 9, 2012

The Lotto

Sometimes when The Big Daddy and I are sitting on the porch with our adult beverages, we discuss what we'd do if we won the lotto.  That we never play until the odds are ridiculously stacked against us.  Without exception, we first decide who we would help out.  That's not because we're stellar citizens, but because we can't help but notice the number of people affected by a shitty economy or ongoing health problems.  With a lump sum payout in the millions, we could make things easier for them.

After that, we decide what to bank, what to use to blow out the back of the house, what to set aside for a dream vacation for everybody we like/love/just met.

It's pretty much a pipe dream, but we do it often.

When Maggie and Nathan married, we had the perfect day as parents.  This hard, hard work of raising people all came together, and a dozen times that day I looked at this guy I married 29 years ago and thought..............Look what we did.  Look at our family who traveled from all over to be with us.  Look at the friends we've made over the years who were so happy to share this celebration with us.  Look at these kids of ours who love and laugh and dance and make us oh so proud.  Look.

If I ever come into a pile of money I'd share it with everyone I know who needs help, but I am very aware these days that I have already won the Lotto.

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  1. I heart you real big mama.

    P.S. In the mist of my packing I found 3 lotto tickets we have yet to case: Two are worth $2 and another one is good for a free ticket. Big Money Big Money!