Monday, August 20, 2012

Burquas & Bat-Shit Crazies

A couple of weeks ago, I looked up the campaign website for Claire McCaskill.  She does not represent my state, but the Missouri border is a mere five miles from my house.  Since Kansas is a lost cause for electing smart representatives, I thought I'd volunteer for one even if I couldn't cast a vote for one.  I have always liked Claire, but millions of dollars were being spent to defeat her and keeping her Senate seat was not going to be easy

Up until Sunday.  That's when Todd Akin handed her a present when he said that we women have some heebie-jeebie magic up our girl parts that can expel rape semen and prevent pregnancy.  Who actually wrote a check to this idiot?

Later on Sunday, it was reported that my representative in Kansas was on a trip to Israel with other members of Congress when he got himself likkered up and swam nekked in the Sea of Galilee.   Not for very long, he said, as if that makes it any more professional behavior.

The last few years have been a constant attack on women and in one weekend we've seen some sterling examples of what dumbing down the vote gets you.  In more upbeat news, Condoleeza Rice became the first woman invited to be a member of Augusta National.

A barrier was broken and the chairman of the club said, "It is a joyous occasion."

They were only ninety years late to the party, but kudos for finally succumbing to that pesky suffrage movement and joining the rest of the country.

By the way, your newest member raised the I.Q. of the entire club just by walking in the door.

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  1. my other favorite part of Todd's thinking is that there is such a thing as "legitimate rape". he's now asking for forgiveness...which sure - we can forgive you for being an idiot - but forgiveness doesn't equal votes (or so i hope).