Wednesday, August 1, 2012


When Chick-Fil-A came to our area, I had no idea what it was and even pronounced it wrong.  Chick-Filla.  There was a lot of buzz about the place, so I went there and then I really didn't get it.  I pitched half of it in the dog's bowl and never went back.

The owner has recently declared that the wrath of God will descend upon us Americans for our evolving stance on gay marriage, and while you're free to voice your opinion about anything, it's not exactly the best business strategy.  In his case, he didn't have to do damage control because when you're speaking for the Lord what can you possibly damage?

Wednesday was the day that like-minded people lined up for hours to support his business and his stance on this issue.  As an anonymous gay employee of a Chick-Fil-A in Atlanta said, "It's Hate Appreciation Day."  In the you're-wrong-I'm-right-you're-liberal-I'm-conservative world we live in, it got covered by the news complete with helicopter shots of the throngs of people waiting in line.

What a cross in life it must be to bear to be threatened by people who are in your family, your church, your neighborhood, your school, your hospital, your grocery store and your military.  What a cross in life it must be to bear to give up half your day, fight traffic, stand in the heat and spend money to support somebody you've never met but is as God-fearing as you.


That's a big commitment for something so utterly craptastic.


  1. Wow is right. This is the rise of a hate-filled wing. They think this action puts them in good standing for getting on that big Up escalator to Heaven's door?? Really? I betcha Westbro Baptist

    I had trouble remembering how to spell Westboro so I looked it up on Google. Here is the name of their website for the Church home page Lunatic fringe.... We all know you're out there... can you feel the resistance.... can you feel our power

  2. Thank you for putting my thoughts into such an articulate blog. I wish I could express myself as you do. This is my first visit but I will be following.