Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keep Your Head Up

Sunday is the day The Boy Child packs up his summer and moves back to the bustling metropolis of Manhattan, Kansas.  The Little Apple, although it bears absolutely no resemblance to the big one.  He will be a senior and good Lord, that went fast.  His focus this year will be finishing with a bang, and hopefully work, talent and luck will get him a design job when he's done.

Next Friday, Mallie Bee moves into her dorm to start pursuing her passion for dance full-time.  Based on her siblings before her, four years from now we will wonder again at how the years have flown.

On Saturday, Mark and I will start a different stage of our life without the daily presence of kids.  The tick of days has been slow through most of those years, and then we blinked and each of them were flinging themselves out the door in a burst of energy and excitement.

I am thrilled and thankful that they have the opportunity to go to college when equally talented and passionate kids do not through no fault of their own.  I tell my kids that all the time.  You have no idea how lucky you are.

But this house that was too small for so many years will feel rather empty without their smiling faces around.

We could all use a little of this as we adjust to the changes before us.................

Especially me.


  1. Oh Mama, the changes on their way to you ARE big, wowza. My desire for a quiet house was instantly hushed after reading this post. (Careful what I wish for it might come true too soon.) But I do know your months ahead will be filled with reminders of all those noisy days and hard work via phone calls, emails, stories, in-person-home-for-vacay visits from those incredible kids who got very lucky to have such an awesome mom.

    Loved this version of the song, btw...took me a second to realize she was speaking Francais!

    1. You are very kind and thank you for reading. Really, sincerely thank you :)