Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You're Hired

As if the universe couldn't have timed this any better, I started working this week.  I had an interview more than a month ago for a place I previously worked at that is opening a second store.  I think I've become an expert on interviews and if I ever wrote a book it would be about that.

Kathleen, tell us a little something about yourself.  Well, first off, I'm questioning whether applying for this job was a good idea.

What about ________________ interested you?  It was the only legitimate listing on Craigslist in the last week.

How do you handle criticism?  Isn't there some sort of honeymoon period before we jump to that?

What do you expect to get paid for this job?  Trick question.  Not playing.

I'm approaching shift #3 of the week and have already been on the hunt for new-standing-all-days shoes.  Next week I'll have twice as many hours.  I'm not sure how much I'll be writing given my new working life, however, I'm a frequent mind wanderer and an-in-my-head-story-writer........which I intend to keep on the down low from my new employer.  

At least until they bust me.