Monday, September 17, 2012

A Mighty Fine Line

The Big Daddy and I often talk about writing.  He writes professional papers.  I write here.  Every conversation comes down to the same thing..........being concise.  Writing enough to get your point across but not so much that you bore your audience to death.

It's a tightrope.  A tightrope cluttered with words.

I often come up with a sentence that I fall in love with.  Crazy, head over heels, oh-my-God-you're-a-brilliant-sentence.  Then I read it over and over.  It's so cute!  Isn't it cute?  You guys, don't you think it's cute????  At some point, though, it starts to not work but I'm not a quitter.  Well, maybe when it comes to jobs these last few years.  I fight for the rights of a sentence far longer than I should.

Eventually I delete it just to see if it reads better, and it never fails that My Boyfriend of a Sentence makes everything better as soon as he is erased.  Like this one.................

There is a fine line between melancholy and wonder.

As much as I loved this sentence, and copied and pasted it somewhere for posterity, even as its author I have failed to have any understanding of what it means.   

There's plenty more of that crap in the vault ;)

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  1. A good sentence can stand alone. That's how it becomes quotable.