Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Queen Mum Goes To The Eye Doctor

The Queen Mum has some eye issues of late.  My sister, who is the Go To Girl For All Things Mom (and who everyone in the family will owe until eternity) took mom to the eye doctor.

She said it was like being in the middle of an AARP meeting.

Mom had just come from one of her concerts and was looking pretty sharp.  Of all the empty seats in the waiting room, some guy came and sat right next to Mom and started chatting shmoozing her up.   Ann kept on eye on him as he seemed very interested in our Queen Mum.  After a few minutes his phone rang and he said to Mom, "Excuse me.  I've got to get this.  You know when you're a sex kitten like me........"

A sex kitten?

Mom got called in to see the doctor in the nick of time.  A few more minutes in that waiting room and the grandkids might have ended up calling Mr. Kitten...............Boompa.

Rocking a fake tattoo for my nephew's wedding.


  1. Boompa is what we called my grandmother! It would've made more sense to call my grandfather that but I have never heard anyone else being called Boompa until now!!

    Your mom looks like she could handle that ink. :)