Monday, October 22, 2012

Guns and Angels

Last year when I went to the flea market, I bought some deer antlers.  They were 3/$12.00 and hot diggety.....I was right on trend with the antler decor theme.  This year I had cash in my pocket to buy some more, but alas no sellers.  I talked to another dealer and he said that everybody wants them which is making them harder and harder to come by.  Ebay had thousands of pages of antlers and I was overwhelmed by the time I got to the teens.  And the mounted set for $18,000.00

Some tourists came into the store, and in the course of conversation the husband mentioned being a hunter so I asked him about antlers.  The kind you want are called sheds, he said.  The deer do it every year and you need to look for them in the woods in the spring.  Alrighty then, but I was kind of thinking sooner than that for a wintery Christmas antler plan I'm hatching.

The next day I told a coworker about the conversation and said, "I thought that was kind of weird.  I'd have thought that fall would be when they'd shed them."  Kind of like me and The Big Daddy shedding weight before the holiday buffets start.

"No, no," she said.  "Not fall.  You wouldn't want to go trekking in the woods in the fall for that."

Why not?

"Because if you're out in the woods in the fall looking for deer antlers you'd probably get shot by the hunters looking for the whole deer."

Oh.  Yeah.  Right.  Of course.

Sometimes God puts guardian angels right next to you at the workplace for the times when you're extra dumb.

Source: via Vintage on Pinterest

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  1. Kathy - I was going to pin this fashion pic on My Fashion Statement Board as a joke, but I actually created a new Board called Oh Deer ! I only pinned a few.Just ones that I would actually use if I had them. Then it occured to me that we have an old Indian store down on Freemont Street ( Vintage Vegas )and I thnk they sell the sheds for a cheap price. I will take a look and let you know what I find. See what you started ? You were a year ahead of the Design World in finding a great use for the antlers !