Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The other day I was helping a woman buy a skirt.  "This," she said pointing to her stomach, "this is making me crazy."  I hear ya oh menopausal sister.  It's that.  It's the chin.  The flag waving upper arms.  The butt.

It's. Everything.

Today in the mail I got a catalog called Blair.  I believe it was supposed to be sent to my mother.  It had comfy shoes, pumpkin sweaters and there were plenty of models that looked like this.............

I also got Anthropologie.

The same model was on every page looking like this....................

The Anthro model looks hangry...........as if she'd rip the head off the photographer who asked her to turn her chin one more time. 

The Blair models are rocking their mom jeans and they know that if they go out for lunch they have no worries for you do not put Spanx on under a mom jean.

You put on seconds.

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  1. I think Mitt Romney buys his jeans from Blair.