Sunday, October 14, 2012

In Hiding

Mallie Bee came home this weekend with a lowdown of recent events in her dorm.  Her floor is coed.  Boys on one side - girls on the other.  The boys happened to come upon a cat hanging around the dorm.  Since it is an urban campus in the middle of an established neighborhood, this isn't all that unusual.  She was a friendly cat and used to people, but the boys decided she needed some protection and so they brought her inside and hid her in their wing of the dorm.

That is how she came to be called Anne Frank.

As eighteen year old boys go, they quickly grew tired of feeding Anne Frank and keeping her under wraps and so she was passed off to the girls.  Specifically, Anne was being hidden in the room of one Mallie Bee Fisher and her roommate.

Mallie Bee has grown up with cats and fashioned a litter box, shared her to-go lunches from the cafeteria and true to her nature, took very good care of Anne Frank.

It didn't take long for the authorities to come knocking and Mal was called into her RA's office.  "What do you know about Anne Frank," they inquired.  Anne?  Anne who?  You know who they said.

The gig was up.  Anne Frank was being deported.

Anne Frank The Kitten's story has a happier ending than the real Anne Frank.  She was saved from the shelter (at least temporarily) and has a new home with a friend's boyfriend.

And Anne Frank is really Frank Frank.

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