Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All Roads...............

The company I am working for has two stores in the same city.  One will close in March, hence the opening of the second one to become the permanent location.  The stores are approximately five miles apart and all of the employees work both locations.

They are very different spaces.  One store is big, the other more intimate......like going from a regulation field to the park district lot.  Because we are constantly moving between the two, we all have trouble finding things.  You may know exactly where the bootcut cords are at one store and be circling all day to find it in another.  Add to that, the nature of retail is to shake it up all the time.  Move the merch.  Get the coats up front when it's cold, then replace them a week later with party dresses now that the holidays are here.

There have been times when I am driving to one store and am uncertain if I am even going to the right place.  The schedule now is made out well into December and I often don't know what week it is let alone where I am supposed to be.

It can be unnerving to the anal retentive likes of me, but I've become accustomed to being confused.  Sometimes I ask for help, sometimes I just keep circling.   All I care about is that at the end of the confusion the road leads me home.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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