Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We live within walking distance of a small shopping center here in Mayberry.  It is a handy thing to have close by with a grocery store, bakery, hardware store and other mostly small, independent businesses.  It is anchored by Macy's.  As Macy's goes this isn't one of their flagship stores, but rather the red-haired stepchild.   While the prime age of their most devoted customer is 105, on occasion they throw something out for the rest of us.

I've been lusting over the cashmere sweaters - carefully folded and on display when the temperature here was still over a hundred.  I would go and visit them and pretend that the $120.00 price wasn't a factor.  What color?  What style?  Would I wear it to the opening of a new art gallery?  Do you have to get an invitation to one of those things or can you just show up?  They serve wine, right?

In an ad for The Biggest Sales Event of the Year, they were reduced to $59.99 during a morning special.  In addition, there was a coupon for $10.00 off, good for the morning only.  $49.99   Hello!!!!!!  I was there by 9:30.  I wandered around and got a couple of things then went to the register, goods and coupon in hand.

That's when I found out that the morning only coupon wasn't good on the morning only specials.   Careful reading of the fine print qualified the savings for about three items in the store.  I had other coupons in my purse and started placing them on the counter.  Something was bound to work and I'll give the associate credit, she tried.  Multiple times.  20% off your entire purchase any day you choose.  I choose today!  $20.00 off any purchase over $50.00.  Yep.

By the time all were scanned, my savings were $2.45, and the cashmere sweater I wanted for months lost its charm without the additional ten bucks knocked off.  

With The Biggest Sales Event of the Year, the holiday shopping season has begun.  Giddyup shoppers.  The deals may be everywhere but saving is just an illusion.

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