Sunday, November 11, 2012

Squeezing It Out

The Big Daddy and I went to a dinner party for his department.  These are usually pretty fun as he works with some great people.

As things were winding down, we wandered into a discussion about toothpaste.  There are a lot of people who put some serious effort into getting every drop of toothpaste out.  Squeezing, buying special tools, cutting open the tube.   They had all kinds of advice and tips to offer.

Who knew?

That's not so much of a problem in our house, I said.  We have this toothpaste now that oozes out on its own.  The cap is all gunked up and won't close all the way so if you just lay it back in the drawer a glob will form so I take my brush and wipe some of it up to brush.  I don't even have to pick up the tube.  It's quite the time saver especially when you're running late.

And The Big Daddy said, "You do that?  Me too.  High-five me for being a slob!"

I did.  We had a moment.  Tears.


There's the line and then there's us.

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  1. so, i have to buy my toothpaste from amazon because i hate toothpaste tubes! i have to get the bottles that you can keep upside down. weird. i know.