Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Making Merry: The Lights

It has been our experience that maybe the Chinese are trying to break us, drive us to Crazy Town, send us over the edge.  It's those lights.  Those bloody #%&*@#% Christmas lights.

Last year, half the tree went out less than a week into the season.  This year I started with three strands.  They all worked.  I sent The Big Daddy to the hardware store for another set.

They worked.  I unplugged them.  I plugged them back in and there was one little bitty one that wasn't lit.  The Big Daddy said that's o.k.  Just one is o.k.  That's how they work now.  If one goes out it doesn't take them all out.

No.  No.  Let me just pull this one out and put it back in.

No, don't, said The Big Daddy.  Just leave it alone.

I couldn't leave it alone and that is how half the strand went dark and The Big Daddy bellowed, "WHY CAN'T YOU EVER LEAVE THE LIGHTS ALONE WOMAN??????!!!!"

Because I can't. 

Maggie and Nate showed up for the fun shitstorm and grabbed the camera.  Here's me acting like I know how to fix the lights.  I am cursing.

Here's The Big Daddy checking out the situation.  He is cursing.

 And here he is after he got them working again.

Made in China lights versus The Gun ShowSmackdown.

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