Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Making Merry: The Ornaments

Last fall I was in my favorite thrift store when my cell phone rang.  It was my cousin and he wanted to know if I wanted something of his.  He had offered it to my sisters and sister-in-law and they all turned him down and said to call me.

His wife had died the year before and he didn't think he'd ever put up much in the way of Christmas decorations.  That was her thing not his and if I was interested in some of their stuff he'd save it for me.

I was.

Just before New Year's we went to his house and he started hauling out boxes.  Plenty of it was stuff I didn't need and we put that in a pile to donate.  Then he showed me boxes of ornaments.  Glass vintage ornaments and oh, pitter-pat.  Some were ones they bought years ago and some were his mom's.   

Belle?  These were Belle's?  As in Mallory Belle.

One in the same.

After nearly a year in my basement I brought them out, and there were so many of them I couldn't put them all on the tree.  I have never have loved decorating the tree part of Christmas, but this year was different thanks to my new old ornaments.

I was finishing up and had two vacuum cleaners out and the slipcovers in the wash.  In the middle of my very big mess my friend came over to return the chairs she borrowed for Thanksgiving and I told her about Belle and Carol's ornaments. 

She stood next to me admiring the tree and said, "Oh my goodness, you know they're right here.  I can feel them."

Yes, I know.

What a perfect way to start the season


  1. The Tree looks so beautiful /as well as the mantle.
    But to know you have Carol's Christmas Spirit
    right there with you makes it Magic !